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  • Create a Docufide registration account using personal e-mail address and password
  • Provide online payment details using a valid credit card/debit card (when requesting transcripts to areas outside of MHEC. See below)
FAQ Regarding Docufide - General HELP QUESTIONS
Thurston current students and Alumni through 2002
Step-by-step Power Point Presentation
Thurston Alumni from the class of 2001 and prior years requesting a Transcript must contact the Thurston High School Counseling Secretary,  Mrs. Grayson at313-535-4000 ext.1175  grayca01@southredford.net
South Redford School District is participating in the Michigan E-Transcript Initiative. Electronic Transcripts will be processed by Docufide TM.
Michigan E-Transcript Initiative Background 
The Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) joined forces with the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) to offer the Michigan e-Transcript Initiative. The State of Michigan will provide e-Transcript services to public and private Michigan high schools. Transcripts are sent in a manner compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Michigan high school students and alumni can request and send transcripts electronically to other e-Transcript-registered institutions in Michigan and other participating Midwestern states in the MHEC. (Some fees may apply.)


Applying to College is Easier

Over 35 million high school transcripts are sent to colleges and universities across the United States every year. Traditionally transcripts are requested, printed and mailed to colleges. In addition to the cost of postage and handling, the process takes time.  To help students apply to college Thurston High Schoolhas implemented Docufide a unique Secure Transcript system. The system allows parents and students the option of requesting transcripts to be electronically sent to colleges and universities they select. E-Transcript is fast, easy and secure.
  • Easy access.  Requesting an E-Transcript is as close as the nearest Internet connection.  
  • Fast, consistent delivery. E-Transcripts are delivered to the colleges and universities you select.  You receive an e-mail confirmation upon delivery.
  • Secure. Student data is protected through encryption.
  • E-Transcripts can be used when applying for scholarships.