Tutoring Schedule

Tutoring Opportunities Help EAGLES Soar to Success

Thurston teachers have adjusted their schedules to tutor students in an effort to raise academic success across the curriculum. All students in need of academic support should take advantage of the before or after school tutoring sessions, which are designed to help students master skills. The tutoring opportunities will help all students especially seniors who need to complete coursework for graduation. 
Bill Simms and Thurston teachers are dedicated to the EAGLE WAY!  A new process implemented this year is the eligibility to participate in the graduation commencement exercise. Seniors must have all coursework completed no later than 4:00 p.m.on the Friday PRIOR to the week of the graduation ceremony for a student to participate in the commencement ceremony.  In addition, students wishing to participate in the ceremony may not be added to a new course any later than one (1) month prior to the commencement ceremony.  A student who is added after that date may still earn credit toward a diploma but will NOT be able to participate in the commencement.
Bill Simms comments, “As part of the Eagle Way at Thurston, we believe in a culture of hard work where failure is not an option.  In order to better assist our students in reaching our high expectations, our staff offers extended learning opportunities for our students.  This availability provides students with opportunities beyond the school day to receive the necessary assistance to be successful.  Please be sure to take advantage of the additional support available.”
Thurston Tutoring Schedule 2011-2012