Athletic Participation Fees
Pay-to-Participation Fees for 2014-2015
The South Redford School Board has voted to reduce the Pay-to-Participation fee to a $50 one-time annual fee for the 2014-2015 school year. This fee covers any student that is involved in athletics, band, and drama.  The fee does not cover fees associated with clubs.  A student may participate in an unlimited number of sports and activities (band and drama) for a single $50 fee.  Fees will need to be paid in full before a student can participate.  Any outstanding fees will need to paid in full prior to participating.

Thurston High School
$50.00 one-time annual fee
Pierce Middle School
$50.00 one-time annual fee

There are no reduced rates for free or reduced lunch students or for multiple family members.  Waivers are not available for financial hardships.