Sports Boosters

Thurston Athletic Boosters

The Thurston Athletic Boosters is an intricate part to the success of the Athletic programs.  The Boosters have raised thousands of dollars over the years and have purchased equipment and supplies that the Athletic Department has not been able to purchase.  With the continued support of the Boosters, your sons and daughters will be provided with the best equipment.

The Boosters main source of revenue is through the running of the concession stand at Athletic events.  Your availability to volunteer your time assures that they will be able to continue to do the things that they do.  If your son plays Varsity football, then you can volunteer to work the JV football game or the volleyball games that occur on a different night, allowing you to watch your son play.

If you wish to volunteer or you have questions, contact 
        Maria Surowiec at 313-570-8000 or at 
        Mr. Darrin Brown at 313-532-1306 or at